Tyler is an awesome coach!! He's very motivating and keeps it simple yet effective and you will definitely get the results you want if you listen to his advice..

Amanda N.


I absolutely love this program. so far I have lost almost 10 pounds. I love the coaches and have been doing the fabulous fit women program and the community support is amazing!! if you are looking to make a change definitely get in touch with coach t.

Whitney N.


I highly recommend and here's why:

This is a LIVE COACH who interacts with YOU to get results.


If you have ever bought an on-line program you know exactly what I'm talking about. This is NOT the typical buy in program where you get five days worth of work outs or eating plan and then on the second week, they basically say ok repeat last week for the next 8 weeks to get results.

That is NOT this program.

Intense Fitness works by giving you meal plans, work outs, goals, motivation, and ACCOUNTABILITY!!

This program is also sustainable. It is not a gimmick. Its truly about long term health and fitness.

The program currently has two great coaches who give daily tips live on facebook where they teach everything from macros to proper work out techniques.



Being part of the Fabulous Fit Women's group has finally gave me structure. Not only do I have support from the coaches but also the group of ladies. It has allowed me to have a meal plan and exercises to do everyday. I have more energy and love to see inches and pounds fade away. I highly recommend Intense Fitness to anyone. You will see results!!

Annie Boswell M.


I am so THANKFUL I found Coach T and his program. I started the program January 4th and I have already lost 15 lbs!!! Coach T is an awesome coach. He provides all the tools you need to be successful. He is always there to answer questions, to give you pep talks, and to give you that swift kick in the butt when you need it. You will not find an online coach that does as much as he does for his clients. If you need to drop some pounds and feel better, give him a chance! You will not be sorry! LET'S GO!!

Katina B.


Intense fitness has been a game changer. Coach T has been a supportive guide through this new fitness journey for me. I have been in this program for 4 weeks now, I've loss 5 lbs but several inches. I've GAINED confidence, energy, and a knowledge about nutrition that I plan of sticking with when I finish my 12 weeks! Even better, it is completely online! Which works for this full time working momma with a commute. Highly recommend Coach T to moms, dads, or just anyone that is motivated for a change #bodybyif

Jade C.


I loved working with Tyler! He gave me the push I needed to get up and going! With his help I broke several bad habits that I'm happy to say I still stay away from(7 months without sodas or sugar in my coffee). The program truly WORKS! I did my whole program without ever stepping into a gym. I lost 12 pounds with Tyler's one on one program by doing at home workouts and meal plans. Stick to the plan and listen to what Tyler tells you and you'll be successful in your journey!!

Sarah J.


This program works! Worth every penny! I have completed 12 weeks lost 20lbs and still going! I passed my original goal and 1 lbs to my second goal! Accountability is everything and what keeps you on track! Not to mention the meal plans are awesome. Modify to your liking. You do not starve! You give your body the right nutrition it's needs. You learn the new healthy lifestyle then eventually it's habit! I feel so much better! Just needed the extra push from Coach Tyler and Laci to get going, and there's nothing wrong with that! They bring the value! They give so much support. Nothing but positivity to keep you going! They want to see you succeed, and are so happy for you when you do! Don't doubt the program or yourself! You got this!;) 5 stars! #bodybyif

Dana A F.